Top 5 moments that prove police leaders are still street cops

By Police1 Staff

A recent column about a sergeant who never put his rank before his badge had us thinking about other stories we’ve covered recently about chiefs and commissioners who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and do more than just reflect on the old days on patrol.

Here are five moments that prove some chiefs are getting up from behind their desks and hitting the streets right alongside their officers.

 Do you know of a chief or police leader who belongs on this list? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

Chief visiting Ky. bank shoots, kills dangerous armed robber

Princeton Police Chief Don Weedman ordered the man to put down his gun, but was forced to return fire on the man


Pa. chief TASERS, shoots man armed with knife

Police Chief Brad Hare initially attempted to TASER a knife-wielding suspect but shot him once after the TASER was ineffective.


Texas police chief makes drunk driving arrest

Austin police chief Art Acevedo pulled a car over after noticing the person driving erratically, then handed the arrest off to his DWI team. 

Policy has all sworn personnel - even chief - patrolling Sacramento streets

Chief Sam Somers is hitting the streets along with everyone else as part of an 'all hands on' strategy.

Baltimore police commissioner punches gunman, helps make arrest

When the Balitmore commissioner saw a man pull a gun while struggling with 3 officers, he stepped in with his own gun drawn. 



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