LAPD offers community programs over jail time for certain crimes

The new anti-recidivism program is an option for some misdemeanors and non-violent felonies

By Suzie Ziegler 

LOS ANGELES — The LAPD has launched a new anti-recidivism program that allows some arrestees to participate in community support programs instead of facing jail time or criminal charges. 

According to CBS Los Angeles (CBSLA), candidates for the program are adults who are arrested for certain misdemeanors and non-violent felonies. The arrestees can avoid criminal charges if they complete the program. 

“In many cases, treatment and services can be much more effective than brief time in jail,” City Attorney Mike Feuer told CBSLA. 

The LAPD created the ATI Pre-File Diversion Program in partnership with the Los Angeles County’s Alternatives to Incarceration Office, according to the report.

Eligible participants include persons with mental health disorders, substance abuse issues and the homeless, according to a fact sheet provided by the LAPD. Eligible offenders will be individually assessed to determine an appropriate treatment plan, per the fact sheet.

Arrestees are not eligible for the program if their criminal history contains any of the following:

  • Active felony warrants
  • 290 Penal Code Registrants (sex crime convictions)
  • Arson convictions
  • Arrest with gun or other dangerous weapons
  • Conviction or history of violent offense in the last five years
  • Domestic violence/stalking
  • Vehicle-related misdemeanors, or DUI

For more details about ATI Pre-File Diversion Program, see here.

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