Boston cop’s rendition of ‘America the Beautiful’ goes viral

The officer posted the tribute in honor of a colleague who died of COVID-19

By Police1 Staff

BOSTON – A Boston police officer’s impressive pipes have captured the attention of the nation.

According to, officer Kim Tavares, who has served with the department for 19 years, wanted to honor the memory of Boston Police officer Jose Fontanez, who died from COVID-19 at age 53 earlier this month.

She filmed herself singing in uniform in order to give the officer “a proper sendoff” and posted the video to TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, where it generated thousands of shares and comments.

Tavares is among many officers and agencies who are finding unique ways to honor the fallen under the social distancing constraints of the pandemic.

“I read [one comment] where a lady said, ‘My husband and I are sitting here watching you, and we’re both crying,'” Tavares told Good Morning America.”I commented, ‘Girl, now you have me crying!’ That’s what it’s all about, that connection. Wherever you are in the world, you’re connecting.”


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