COVID-19 resources from LE organizations (updating)

Industry association websites, webinars and resources offer training, procedures and advocacy for their members who are on the frontline pandemic response

Police officers, as well as their partners in fire, EMS and dispatch, are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic response. Law enforcement associations, membership organizations and unions have stepped up to serve and represent the specific needs of police during this national emergency.

Use this directory to access websites, webinars and resources from top organizations including the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Sheriffs’ Association.

IACP and COPS Office

The Lexipol COVID-19 Learning & Policy Center provides free online access to coronavirus-related courses, policies and articles for public safety and local government.
The Lexipol COVID-19 Learning & Policy Center provides free online access to coronavirus-related courses, policies and articles for public safety and local government.

In collaboration with the COPS Office, the International Association of Chiefs of Police has created a searchable database of COVID-19 resources that are intended to aid agencies’ responses to the pandemic.

In addition to this database, the IACP has also launched their own centralized clearinghouse of COVID-19 resources for members, including policy considerations and a discussion group where members can ask questions and share resources.

National Sheriffs’ Association

The National Sheriffs’ Association has pulled together guidance and resources for sheriffs’ offices on how to respond to the outbreak in patrol and jail operations – from legal issues to safety protocols.

International Public Safety Association

The IPSA has gathered resources from various organizations, including FEMA and the CDC, to keep police agencies up-to-date on the latest information about the crisis.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

The NIOSH’s resource page includes valuable information on the use of various masks and other personal protective equipment, as well as tips for what to do if you’ve had close contact with a subject and other guidelines.

National Police Foundation

The NPF launched a real-time dashboard tracing the impact of COVID-19 on law enforcement, including the number of cops currently sidelined from the virus and updates on PPE availability.

Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

Here you’ll find news and information updates, a data visualization center, videos and live educational events.

FBI National Academy Associates

LEOs and agencies can find educational resources like webinars at the FBINAA’s support page.

Police Executive Research Forum

PERF’s page offers details on best practices developed by agencies, PERF publications and daily reports on the evolving crisis.

Peace Officers Research Association of California

PORAC is advocating for much-needed supplies for officers. In addition to educational resources like their podcast, their COVID-19 portal also offers information about their legal defense fund, insurance and benefits trust and other support systems during this challenging time for LEOs.

In addition to these organizations’ pages, be sure to visit our COVID-19 learning and policy center and take our free COVID-19 training course.  

If your business or association is supporting the LE response to COVID-19, please email to share how you are assisting and supporting police.

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