Video: Okla. suspect attempts to escape bondsman

Bondsman left the suspect and the car keys in the car while he went to access the jail’s front door

By Police1 Staff

MCCLAIN COUNTY, Okla. — Surveillance video shows how a suspect outwitted his bails bondsman and almost escaped going to jail.

KOCO reports that Nolan Potter was being escorted to the McClain County Sheriff’s Office by a Get Loose bail bondsman after he was wanted for possession of a controlled and dangerous substance and obtaining money under false pretenses.

As the bail bondsman, whose name was not released, drives up to the back of the jail, he gets out of the car to ring the doorbell to be allowed into the building. As he does so, he leaves both Potter and the car keys inside the car.

When the bondsman goes to open the car, he finds all the doors are locked, and then the vehicle takes off.

Police tracked the vehicle using GPS and found Potter after he crashed into a fence.

Potter allegedly got up to speeds of 115 mph as he made his getaway, but he was back in handcuffs after a short pursuit.

He’s now booked on five counts, including eluding police.

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