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Courthouse Security

The Courthouse Security topic covers the latest in tactics and technology used to keep courtrooms safe during legal proceedings. Some stories involve bailiffs, marshals, and deputies, but others may focus on trial media coverage. Whether the seats in the courthouse are occupied by gang members or a victim’s family members, the courtroom is a tinderbox ready to be set alight when the judge or jury reaches a verdict.

While everyone is acutely aware of the risks necessitating court security and the liability implications of security failures, actual progress toward security remains highly variable
Unfortunately for Robert Lewis Bridges, the men and women wearing the uniform of the Hillsborough County (Fla.) Sheriff’s Office refused to allow complacency to creep into the picture
Beyond the pure comedic value of the smug activist being TASERed, we have got some really good topics for discussion
After returning from a bathroom break, Edi Villalobos Jr. bolted out of the courtroom after officers removed his cuffs and shackles
Court officers restrain a man during the life sentencing of the Buffalo supermarket shooter
Gov. Tim Walz has authorized the Guard to prepare to assist if needed
Funding for extra security during last week’s trial was passed retroactively on Tuesday with bipartisan support
City leaders plan to bring in thousands of police officers and Guard soldiers to prepare for possible unrest
Remarkably, the judge — who was shot in the abdomen — stays standing and even walks across the street
The court security officer works for the U.S. Marshals Service and was struck in their protective vest, officials said
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