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The rise of consumer DNA testing and open genetic databases made forensic genetic genealogy a valuable tool for law enforcement investigations
From a compromised crime scene to controversial police conduct, the O.J. Simpson case offers a study on the pitfalls that can derail justice
How a DNA law named after two Tacoma girls helped link an executed killer to a murder case that had been cold for nearly four decades
The dropped sexual assault cases from the past eight years are among over 264,000 incident reports that were never submitted for investigation due to an internal code citing staff shortages
Officials say the thieves that stole about $30 million from a money storage facility seemed to have entered through the roof; investigators are requesting home security footage from the surrounding neighborhood
Detective Lindsey Wade offers a look into the heart and science behind solving cold cases, showcasing how technology and determination can come together to illuminate the darkest of mysteries
Tune in for tomorrow’s all-new episode, where host Jim Dudley talks with Lindsey Wade about the intricacies of cold case investigations
Windsor Locks Police swabbed a straw found in a cup at the scene and took it to the Rapid DNA Lab; officers were able to track down the suspect, who had stolen about 52 pounds of copper wiring
Detective Matt Hutchison uncovers the innovative techniques and relentless pursuit that bring long-awaited closure to cases once deemed unsolvable
Tune in for tomorrow’s all-new episode, where host Jim Dudley talks with Detective Matt Hutchison about how he brings long-awaited closure to cases once deemed unsolvable
QIAGEN’s ForenSeq Kintelligence System recently used by DNA Labs International in the U.S. to solve unidentified remains case in Oregon and 51-year-old criminal investigation in Georgia
“For the very first time, we legitimately have a chance to identify every single person we lost and to reunite them with their family,” Chief John Pelletier said
Rapid DNA technology brings major benefits in investigations by significantly saving time and money
The event would have allowed people to voluntarily submit DNA samples to aid law enforcement investigators
FBI agent: “Cases may grow cold, investigators may change, but this proves that for law enforcement, victims are never forgotten”
Tennessee Bureau of Investigations will send 1,000 rape kits if more grant funding becomes available
The evidence lead investigators to an upstairs neighbor who they say strangled the woman after having a fight with his wife
Clallam County Sheriff’s Office raised $7,500 from the public for DNA, genealogy testing to identify a foot inside a sneaker found in 2021
They weren’t able to “definitively confirm or refute the presence of Santa,” but agreed that “something magical may be at play”
Police ran DNA left at the scene through a public database, then used genetic genealogy techniques to connect the DNA to Bryan Kohberger through his family members
DNA from a bullet casing recovered from a homicide scene matched a DNA profile that had been mistakenly entered into the database
The child’s naked, badly bruised body was originally found back in 1957 inside a JCPenney bassinet box in a wooded area
Identifying suspects with DNA while they are still in custody: How the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab and East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office developed the nation’s first rapid DNA booking station
The 1957 homicide case has haunted and frustrated investigators for decades
Analysis of a spot of blood identifies suspect in the murder of a Vermont couple found stabbed to death in their home
The grant will assist law enforcement in identifying, arresting, and prosecuting violent crimes and prolific property crimes
The police department’s crime lab stopped the practice shortly after receiving a complaint from the district attorney’s office
The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office used the same DNA genealogy techniques used to identify and capture the Golden State Killer