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How a DNA law named after two Tacoma girls helped link an executed killer to a murder case that had been cold for nearly five decades
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Identifying suspects with DNA while they are still in custody: How the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab and East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office developed the nation’s first rapid DNA booking station
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Detective Matt Hutchison uncovers the innovative techniques and relentless pursuit that bring long-awaited closure to cases once deemed unsolvable
Tune in for tomorrow’s all-new episode, where host Jim Dudley talks with Detective Matt Hutchison about how he brings long-awaited closure to cases once deemed unsolvable
QIAGEN’s ForenSeq Kintelligence System recently used by DNA Labs International in the U.S. to solve unidentified remains case in Oregon and 51-year-old criminal investigation in Georgia
“For the very first time, we legitimately have a chance to identify every single person we lost and to reunite them with their family,” Chief John Pelletier said
The event would have allowed people to voluntarily submit DNA samples to aid law enforcement investigators
FBI agent: “Cases may grow cold, investigators may change, but this proves that for law enforcement, victims are never forgotten”