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How to build a DIY cop caddy


A bar across the bottom can be a great place to hang a plate carrier or body armor.

Photo/Ron Lyons

You know the drill, you get off work and head home. You’re exhausted and beat from the rigors of cop work.

When you get home and start shedding your police duty gear, your boots end up by the door; your Sam Browne lands on the dining table, the rest of your equipment? Everywhere.

Of course, when you get rested and ready to head back to the job, your stuff is spread all over the place. To complicate matters, your dog grabbed a couple of your keepers, and your significant other threw your body armor behind the couch. It’s a mess.

The solution is to build a cop caddy. But, we’re cops, and we don’t like to pay full price for anything. What I would recommend is creating your own from inexpensive things you can buy at a home improvement or hobby type store.

The type I prefer is a wall-mounted version. Start with a piece of plywood for the backboard. Add premade wooden shelves to that (perhaps a larger one on top and a smaller one below that) for smaller handheld items. A bar across the bottom can be a great place to hang a plate carrier or body armor. By adding small hooks to the cop caddy, you’ll have a place to hang a cap or keys.

If you paint the whole thing black and add some decorative “law enforcement” touches to it, you can have a great, centralized location to keep all of your gear until your next shift. Of course, you are limited only by your imagination. Make something that works for you, but use premade shelves and components you assemble yourself to save money.

Watch this video on how to build your own cop caddy:

Ron Lyons served many years as a Dallas, Texas, area police officer. During his career, Ron specialized in drug interdiction and DWI enforcement and served in many roles, including K-9 handler, field training officer and drug interdiction specialist. In 1996, Ron set the federal record for the largest single seizure of cocaine in the eastern district. Having graduated Valedictorian of his police academy, Ron continued this trend by earning numerous commendations and awards throughout his career. Currently, he is a writer and the owner of Lyons Tactical & Survival Supply and host of the Lyons Tactical Radio Show on iTunes and Amazon Alexa. When Ron isn’t working, he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family, racing cars and writing music.