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Public safety organizations can adopt the lifeline concept to foster safer communities
Digital playbooks allow incident response coordinators to plan, execute and monitor their operations through their tablets, smartphones, or laptops
10 codes have been replaced bit by bit for 10 years, but reform is slow. So why are departments are holding on?
“It seems that every time I come in, in the morning, I look at a briefing report and we had something at night where we’re trying to track an individual, and the [night vision goggles] are just vital to what we’re doing,” Sheriff Jim DeWees said
The test will run Oct. 4 at 2:20 p.m. ET to TVs, radios and cell phones
Two programs allow for state and local governments to apply for funding related to emergency response in protection of the country
The First Responders Registration Intake gives first responders the opportunity to register for assistance when their work schedules allow
In April, state delegation members sent a letter advocating for funding for Louisiana LE for revenue shortfalls created by flood response in the region