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By Police1 Staff

Police face danger every day, but one of the most heroic aspects of the job is when cops put themselves in danger for the sake of saving others. Cops – on-duty or off – encounter these situations every day. These five videos highlight some of the hair-raising close calls both the police and the people they’re saving have experienced during a rescue.

Texas cop rescues woman seconds before train hits them

As the officer approached, the lights warning of an oncoming train activated — allowing him very little time to act.


Ga. cops rescue man from blaze after pursuit, crash

A suspected car thief was rescued by officers after the vehicle he was driving caught on fire during a pursuit.


Boston cop saves suicidal man from tracks

A Transit police detective stopped a man from jumping on the tracks at the MBTA Park Street Station.

Off-duty officer rescues driver in gas station explosion

Officer was getting gas when an elderly man’s car slammed into another vehicle and a pump, causing a massive fire.

Fla. deputies rescue suicidal man from bridge

Three Pinellas County deputies are being credited with a rescue of a young suicidal man who was on a railing.



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