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First Amendment

Download this Lexipol explainer, “Officer Free Speech: What agencies can and can’t do to restrict free speech,” today to learn key guidelines about officer free speech and First Amendment protection.

Think and consult before you prohibit or arrest
Police need to understand what law enforcement interests might outweigh the free speech protection of livestreaming – and under what circumstances
After Michael Friend made a sign reading “Cops Ahead,” an officer arrested him for “interfering” with a distracted driving investigation – here’s how the court ruled after Friend sued
The lawsuit comes after Google announced its decision to end geofence warrants in December
The Chula Vista PD was taken to court after it withheld all drone footage under a California Public Record Act exemption that allows investigative material to remain confidential
The network will switch from analog to digital, making it inaccessible to the public and press
The court sided with the officers, saying that the township failed to demonstrate “real, not conjectural, harm” by using the flag
The local police union has filed a grievance seeking to overturn the officer’s suspension
Police arrested Anthony Novak in 2016 after he created a fake police Facebook page that closely mirrored the look of Parma PD’s official page
A board had voted to ban the display of the flag on township property, police uniforms and officers’ tattoos while on duty
Experts review common issues that can cause problems not only for a patrol officer but all the way up the chain of command in an agency