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Watch: Pizza delivery man trips suspect running from police

“I did as much as I could to prevent the cheese from sliding,” said delivery man Tyler Morrell after helping officers catch a suspect


Fox 29 Philadelphia/YouTube

By Bill Carey

BROOKHAVEN, Pa. — Doorbell camera video captured the moment a pizza delivery man helped stop a suspect running from the police.

A Brookhaven homeowner shared footage from his Ring camera when Tyler Morrell, a Cocco’s Pizzeria delivery man, tripped a suspect who was running from police, Fox 29 reported.

Reporters asked Morrell what gave him the courage to step in and help: “Honestly I didn’t really think about doing anything but stepping in. I was raised to step in if you see something that’s not right. So, I just wanted to do my part.”

The video shows police cruisers stopping in front of the house Morrell was delivering the pizza to when the suspect got out of a vehicle and began to run. Morrell stuck out his foot to trip the suspect.

The suspect hit the ground and Brookhaven police officers made the arrest.

“I did as much as I could to prevent the cheese from sliding,” Morrell added.