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Netflix’s ‘Girl in the Picture’ profiles serial kidnapper, murderer

The true crime documentary tells the story of Sharon Marshall, who was kidnapped by Franklin Delano Floyd at age six


Photo/Netflix screenshot

By Anne Berleant

OKLAHOMA CITY — Netflix launched its latest true crime documentary last week, “Girl in the Picture,” which is about the story of Sharon Marshall. Marshall was six when Franklin Delano Floyd kidnapped her in 1975. He then posed her as his daughter, later married her and was the lead suspect in her hit-and-run death at age 20.

Floyd committed many more offenses, and the documentary takes a deep dive into his over 30 years of bank robbery, kidnappings, murders and sexual assaults against children while unraveling the mystery of Marshall’s identity.

Floyd was finally arrested in 1994 and sentenced to death. While Floyd was on death row, police learned the woman thought to be his daughter, and later his wife, had been kidnapped from a woman he married using a fake alias. Marshall’s real name was Suzanne Sevakis.

Watch the trailer below.