SRO removed after issuing principal parking ticket, union wants inquiry

The police union has asked the school district to investigate why their officer was removed from campus

By Police1 Staff

WARREN, Ohio — Police union members plan to attend an upcoming school district meeting to ask for an investigation into why a school resource officer was removed after issuing a ticket to a principal who had repeatedly parked in an area designated for handicapped parking.

SRO Adam Chinchic was escorted from Jefferson Elementary School campus last week shortly after issuing a ticket to K-2 Pod Principal Carrie Boyer, the Tribune Chronicle reports.

Chinchin has since been re-assigned to patrol duties for the city. 

“We want an apology to our officer and want to know exactly what happened from the time the ticket was issued to when SRO Adam Chinchic was escorted off of the property,” said Warren patrolman Michael Stabile, co-director of the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

Stabile told the Tribune that Boyer had been warned twice hat she was illegally parking in an area designated for handicapped persons. She was given a ticket after she parked in the area the third time.

Boyer had been parking her car in the space between handicapped parking spots, designated to be used to allow those using the spots to easily get in and out of their vehicles. 

Chinchin told his union representatives that within 30 minutes of writing the ticket, two district employees told him they had been ordered to remove him from the school campus. 

“Our officer did nothing wrong,” Stabile said. “He could have written the ticket the first time he noticed her parking in the handicapped space.”

Since Chinchin’s removal, SROs from other schools are covering Jefferson for several hours a day. 

The issue is being addressed by the school’s administration and the city’s Safety Service Director Enzo Cantalamessa.

“Officer Chinchic wants to return to the schools,” Stabile said. “He enjoyed working with the kids.”

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