Texas cops clash with man warning speeders

Ron Martin's signs carry a simple message: "Police Ahead"

By Amy Silverstein
Dallas Observer 

FRISCO, Texas — The Frisco traffic officer was camped in an unmarked Chevy, trying to catch drivers going above the speed limit, when he noticed something suspicious. Some of the motorists could see him. They waved. He had a feeling that a man named Ron Martin might have had something to do with it. Also aiding his suspicions: another officer had given him a heads up via radio that he'd seen Martin out that day.

Martin is well known among the Frisco traffic cops. He has a history of "holding signs in the center median of traffic," as officer Thomas Mrozinski explained in a police report. His signs carry a simple message: "Police Ahead."  

Mrozinski drove eastbound down Eldorado Parkway, Frisco's main artery. Sure enough there was Martin, standing in the median of the busy road. He hoisted a "Police Ahead" sign above his shoulder. "The sign appeared to be self-constructed with a yellow background and lettering in black attached to a wooden stack," Mrozinski writes in his police report.

Full StoryFrisco Traffic Cops Are Not Happy with the Guy Who Held a Sign Warning of "Police Ahead"

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