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AcuDetox and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing are showing value in one Colorado county
Corrections officers, our protectors, need your interest, research and compassion just as much as the infamous predators and anonymous inmates they protect us from
“When I talk to our taxpayers, they ask, ‘Why didn’t we do this sooner?’”
Tyler’s solutions to improve efficiency and experience for Naperville’s public safety staff and transparency with the community
“Our message for our officers is, ‘Take your time. Slow down and make sure that you’re complying with the law,’” Lockport Police Deputy Chief Ron Huff said
SWAT officers, using “less-than-lethal” ammunition, were able to free the 73-year-old guard two hours after he was taken hostage
The motive behind the abduction remains under investigation but Corrections Director Jennifer Clemons-Abdullah said one inmate demanded pizza
During a second scan, the assistant jail commander noticed the object in the arrestee had moved
There were multiple attempts to deploy stop sticks to disable the vehicle, but the attempts failed, the sheriff’s office said
Inmates who were in single and double cells were moved to a communal setting and about 20 “ringleaders” decided to “stir the pot” in protest
The program at the Collin County Sheriff’s Office provides job and life skills training to inmates to reduce jail violence and recidivism