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There will never be another one like Mills Lane
The judge ruled the former trooper’s constitutional rights under the Eighth Amendment were violated when he was ordered to lose his pension
Judge Urias said he agreed with plaintiffs who accused the governor of impeding on constitutional rights
Bryan Kohberger’s trial has been set for early October. The prosecutor now has 60 days to inform the court whether he will seek the death penalty in the case
The injunction throws a wrinkle into the state’s plan to recertify officers for the first time
Officers did have reasonable suspicion to detain a man who was walking in the area where ShotSpotter detected gunfire, the court ruled
City employees “improperly manipulated” an outside investigator’s report that had initially found the shooting justified, a judge said
Atlanta PD has launched a new unit to crack down on repeat offenders
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who comes from a police family, would “treat issues related to law enforcement fairly and justly,” said FOP President Patrick Yoes
The union argued that officers should be able to record any time they’re interrogated as part of an employer investigation
Judge Robert Brennan had ordered a statewide pause last year pending a review of the tests’ efficacy
The officers failed to prove that the mandate violated certain constitutional rights, a judge ruled
Two white MSP veterans sued after they were disciplined for violating “department policy related to the promotion and selection process”
Police and firefighter unions had filed lawsuits against the city alleging unfair labor practices
Chauvin’s plea means he will not face a federal trial in January, though he may end up with more years behind bars
The union had sued over the vaccine mandate rollout, alleging the city negotiated in bad faith
A judge ruled that the mandate must be arbitrated with police unions before employees can face consequences
FOP President John Catanzara called on city councilors to overturn the mayor’s vaccine mandate
Officers began concealing their names and badge numbers in June 2020, citing worries over officers’ privacy and safety
Judge Cecilia Horan had put a temporary restraining order on the Chicago FOP’s president
The state Supreme Court rejected the ex-officer’s claim that he’s too poor to pay for a private lawyer
Several law enforcement groups had challenged the law in July, saying it violated officers’ right to self-defense, among other issues
The law barred NYPD officers from restraining people “in a manner that compresses the diaphragm”
A report says the agency uses outdated security equipment and struggles to effectively detect threats made online
“There was nothing on its face that was illegal,” the judge said. “The detention of a suspect is not a criminal act”
A Minnesota judge has ruled that there were aggravating factors in the death of George Floyd, opening the possibility of a longer sentence
The judge’s initial order said such weapons “may only be used on persons who pose a threat of serious bodily harm” to officers and others