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Columnists and contributors debate critical issues in law enforcement today. As in an actual debate, the pro and con sides are assigned randomly as an exercise in critical thinking and analyzing problems from different perspectives. In 2021, State Your Case received an Eddie Award for Best Overall B2B Column.

Issues recently discussed include whether armed teachers improve school safety, if law enforcement should endorse safe injection sites and whether curfews help reduce crime. If you would like our experts to debate a topic, or to submit your own response to a critical issue, email

The ramifications of marijuana legislation on police departments and their hiring processes
In May 2023, London’s police commissioner announced plans to stop police response to mental health emergencies unless there’s a direct life threat
With supportive peers, an inquiring mind, and a mix of confidence and humility, a young chief might be just the thing a department needs
There are many layers of complexity inherent in balancing transparency, public safety, and respect for the victims and their families
In a surprise move, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently voted to allow San Francisco PD to deploy robots equipped to deliver lethal force
A recent bill signed by Calif. Governor Gavin Newsom legalizes safe street crossings in the state that has the highest number of pedestrian deaths
A discussion about the pros and cons of law enforcement adopting a fire service shift model
Following the Uvalde school shooting, the question of whether teachers should carry firearms is in the news again
A woman whose rape kit DNA was used by San Francisco police to arrest her for an unrelated property crime is now planning to sue the city
Since two overdose prevention centers opened in NYC in late 2021, health department officials report they have prevented 59 overdoses
A UK agency recently swore in 24 part-time officers to make policing “open to more applicants” with a “flexible alternative.” Our experts debate the pros and cons of part-time cops