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NYPD new rules on grooming and uniforms for cops challenged by union

The NYPD’s updated style guide bans attire like shorts, tactical cargo pants and white turtlenecks


Susan Watts

By Rocco Parascandola, Thomas Tracy
New York Daily News

NEW YORK — New York City’s largest police union has sent a “cease and desist” letter to the NYPD, demanding the department rescind its “unilateral changes” to its grooming and appearance standards due to begin next month, the Daily News has learned.

“It is already clear that these orders contain unilateral changes to terms and conditions of employment that are mandatory subjects of bargaining,” Frederick Casselman, an attorney for the Police Benevolent Association, wrote.

The NYPD’s updated style guide, which bans attire like shorts, tactical cargo pants and white turtlenecks, is expected to go into effect May 6.

The department is also considering banning beards except where officers have medical or religious exemptions. In 2020, the NYPD relaxed a longstanding prohibition on facial hair, allowing cops to wear beards if they wished.

Vasselman noted NYPD police unions had a meeting about the new style standards on April 5 but never saw the new orders until they were posted.

Because the PBA and other police unions had voiced concerns over the new orders, the May 6 compliance deadline to the new rules has been extended to an indeterminate date.

Vasselman asked the department to “immediately revoke” the orders until everyone can show up at the bargaining table.

NYPD Inspector Paul Saraceno, who led a committee that reviewed police attire, believes the new orders will ensure a uniformly professional-looking force.

“If you’re not squared away, if you’re sloppy, it speaks to who you are,” he said. “We expect professionalism in every aspect.”

An email to the department requesting comment on the cease and desist letter wasn’t immediately returned.

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