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“Operation Copsicle” was created to celebrate the outgoing class of fifth-graders transitioning into middle school with a sweet treat
A veteran homicide detective discusses his book about a multidisciplinary investigation that started at an arson scene and ended nearly a year later with the case solved, plus he shares some pearls of wisdom for new detectives
Dedham Police Department’s Community Resource Dog, Ruby, takes part in a memorial event
“Once we were able to determine it was unloaded, we secured it,” a detective said. “And then we searched the rest of the vehicle to make sure there were no explosives or rockets, or anything crazy like that”
Winthrop Police Department Officer Robert Jaworski is credited with saving the life of baby Savannah after he delivered back blows to clear her airways
“The National Guard’s expertise in crisis management and community support can offer a vital temporary intervention, allowing ... a long-term solution to be developed,” the school board members wrote
Weymouth Police Sgt. Michael Chesna was killed when Emanuel Lopes threw a large rock at his head and shot him with his service weapon
“Troopers from the unit frequently deploy to barricaded suspects or potential hostage situations with either their SPOT robots or the more traditional PackBot-type robots,” a Massachusetts State Police spokesperson said
Auburn Police K-9 Biza tracked the child’s scent for more than 2 miles to where the child had been a short time earlier,
The state police will use the funding toward community outreach programs and other programming designed to reduce youth involvement in gang activity
“Officer [Pierce] Norton was highly regarded by those he worked with, his supervisors and all that knew him, both within the Department and by those he served,” the Boston Police Department said