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Let’s get back to the basics of AEDs.
One bill bars citizen review boards from investigating allegations of officer misconduct; another bill creates a 25-foot buffer around police officers when they are working
Surveillance video shows a gas station security guard quickly tackling the suspect after he stabbed an officer twice in the neck
The suspect, accused of violating a restraining order, came to the residence and fired shots with an AR-15; a resident joined a Hardee County Sheriff’s Office deputy in firing at the suspect
Officers were working to detain a person they determined to have posed harm to himself and others; the officer who was shot is recovering and is in good spirits
Officer Jonah Hernandez was attacked by a knife-wielding suspect and stabbed to death; a bystander then shot and killed the suspect
The bystander told police he noticed the suspect running from the bank parking lot with red smoke coming from her sweatshirt pocket and chased her, holding her until Boston Police officers arrived
“So then I hear, ‘Get him!’ and I look to my left, and it wasn’t but a second and a half, maybe two seconds,” Trey Filter said. “And somebody was running past me, and they’re yelling, ‘Get him!’ So I jumped”
Las Cruces Police Department Officer Jonah Hernandez died at a hospital after he was stabbed at least once; the witness used Hernandez’s police radio to call for help
“There was no way this could have been foreseen and/or avoided,” the district attorney stated. “Had [Deputy Sean] Steadman not returned fire, I have no doubt he would have been executed by [the suspect]”
The man was involved in a crash before shooting a bystander who approached to offer help
Officers pursued the suspect until he crashed the stolen vehicle he was driving; then he opened fire at them
After a hotel brawl that left several bystanders with stab wounds, the suspect fled from responding officers; she later turned herself in
Officer Robb Phelps shot the gun-wielding man because he thought bystanders were in danger, he told another officer
When the group of three men refused, officers tried to remove them from the subway station and were met with fierce resistance
“Everything about what he did, he was being so genuine. It was easy to have someone to talk to there,” Trooper Josh Osche said
Officer J. Gibson was shot in the leg by a suspected carjacker; the good Samaritan saw the officer needed help and pulled him to safety
The officer sustained minor injuries, according to the sheriff’s office
The man had been in 53-degree water for about an hour and was beginning to lose fine motor skills when he was rescued
Officers pursued a man until he crashed his vehicle; when he tried to carjack a vehicle in a drive through, bystanders stepped in and held him until police could arrest him
Joe Walker was reportedly shot twice in the stomach while trying to stop the shooter
Store owners subdued the man, who said he was hearing people in his head, until police arrived
“I would just like to say thank you to this young woman, of course, and all the officers involved. I’m really grateful to be alive,” the man said
Shortly after the suspect’s car was pinned by the pickup truck, he began to surrender but got stuck while climbing out of the window
The driver, who had his head pushed through the car’s sun roof during the accident, was taken to the hospital
Chief Harold Medina said if he had one word to describe the scene, it would be “chaos,” and that you could tell the incident “escalated extremely quickly”
A bystander saw the trooper suffering a “heat-related medical event” and used the trooper’s radio to call for help