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When policing in a crowd, employ tactics that are well-trained, effective and consistently present you in a positive light
By now every officer should be trained in crowd control so that a group of them can form anytime to address a violent crowd in the early stages of its development
Nine steps to develop a well-rounded and holistic protest policing response
The protests drew a 230-day response that involved 178 agencies, resulted in 761 arrests and required a four-day cleanup of the camp and 600 bins to remove 9.8 million pounds of trash
The agreement set up a four-tiered response plan, which specifies benchmarks that must be reached before certain policing actions can take place
The overhaul limited NYPD’s ability to use “kettling” tactics and implemented a four-tiered strategy dictating when officers can take enforcement during protests
“There is an effort underway by a very small group of individuals — anarchists that want to impact the safety of Atlanta, Georgia,” Chief Schierbaum said, calling it a tactic of “violence, fear and intimidation”
“When you use violence to advance your agenda, the Department of Justice will make every effort to put you in prison,” U.S. Attorney Jonathan D. Ross said
Officers Jonathan Horlock and Nathaniel Schauwecker were aquitted of several charges in the arrest of two George Floyd protestors
“These announcements will allow police officers, whose lives were upended by the indictments, to return to their services to our community,” said Austin Mayor Kirk Watson
The Georgia Attorney General’s Office is seeking to introduce the diary as evidence in the RICO case against a large group of protestors