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Mental Illness

Here’s how you can be more prepared
Training, tactics and tools give officers options for resolving potential conflict without contact
Austin’s 911 Mental Health Diversion Program is getting the right resources to mental health crises and lowering arrest rates
The man made several statements that included threats to officers and to himself, police said
“Whether mental health is a factor or not, think about this: If I had to go to your family and tell them that you were not coming home and you were just murdered, does it matter what the person was thinking or their condition?” Sheriff Luna said
This was the second call to the house within weeks involving the suspect, who had a criminal history and falsely claimed to work for the CIA, DEA and FBI
Mayor Eric Adams says he wants LEOs and medics to more aggressively get severely mentally ill individuals off the streets and subways and into treatment
Mental health technicians will help officers decide if a person needs to be taken to a hospital for evaluation
A report found 30% of PDs created programs that either paired specialists — like paramedics or therapists — with police or sent them to incidents in lieu of LEOs
The department will also examine jail conditions in several states to ensure there are no violations of the rights of people with mental illnesses
Prude’s death was ruled a homicide caused by “complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint” with the drug PCP cited as a contributing factor