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Mentally Ill

Under a new mandate, California mental health agencies stand to lose funding if they collaborate with law enforcement. Here’s why that is a mistake
Law enforcement officers and paramedics regularly encounter profoundly agitated patients and need the medications to treat those patients as well as the support of their organizations
Austin’s 911 Mental Health Diversion Program is getting the right resources to mental health crises and lowering arrest rates
The 2022 shooting left both officers wounded; one has not returned to police work
The suspect was fatally shot by LAPD officers after trying to force his way into a police unit
Christopher Pray was found buried up to the armpits in the pond in Portland
Oregon State Police said Christopher Pray is a “dangerous escapee”
This was the second call to the house within weeks involving the suspect, who had a criminal history and falsely claimed to work for the CIA, DEA and FBI
Mayor Eric Adams says he wants LEOs and medics to more aggressively get severely mentally ill individuals off the streets and subways and into treatment
The changes include centralizing the Crisis Intervention Team and equipping CIT officers with less lethal weapons such as Bolawraps
Mental health technicians will help officers decide if a person needs to be taken to a hospital for evaluation