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Miranda Rights

Is placing two suspects in a room together an interrogation? Can Miranda rights be violated without an interrogation?
In this case, the court rules the suspect knew he had a choice and decided to speak anyway
The appellate court held that the suspect, while not free to leave, was not in custody when an officer first questioned him in the park
During his career with Phoenix police, Officer Cooley rose to become captain, a rank the department said is equivalent to commander today
There were several noteworthy cases from the past term pertaining to law enforcement officer liability for alleged constitutional violations
The Tekoh ruling should be a non-event for all law enforcement officers. Miranda warnings should be administered as they were before the case was decided.
A suspect must still be warned of their Miranda rights for their confession to be used in court
The case asks if officers who don’t provide a Miranda warning can be sued for violating a suspect’s constitutional rights
How the deliverance of the Miranda Rights, when in custody or before interrogation, became law
Here are a handful of other — perhaps less-well-known — cases which merit mention in this space
Knowing what constitutes “interrogation” will help officers determine when they must provide a Miranda warning