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Texas officer fired for ‘embarrassing’ actions on video

Though he used reasonable force against the resisting teen, his performance and language were not warranted

By Police1 Staff

HURST, Texas — A Hurst police officer was fired Thursday for an ‘aggressive’ arrest that was caught on tape and went viral mid-November.

Officer Disraeli Arnold was seen on camera phone assisting Officer Miguel Jimenez as the two arrested a teen. Video shows Disraeli run to the scene to subdue the teen, who is resisting arrest and arguing with Jimenez, an offense the suspect was charged for.

Disraeli is heard cursing at the suspect, saying “If you move, I’m going to [expletive] kill you.”

Using the video as evidence, the teen’s mother filed a complaint with the Hurst Police Department that led to an internal affairs investigation. The mother said she hoped the officer would either turn in his badge or be fired, according to NBC-5.

Hurst police said Arnold was “indefinitely suspended for violations of Hurst Police Department General Orders and Civil Service rules relating to his actions on Nov. 20.”

The investigation proved Disraeli did not use excessive force, as the teen was resisting arrest; however they determined his language and the performance of his duties brought discredit to himself and the department, according to the article.

“You can’t help but be embarrassed — not only for the officers that work in our department, but for anybody in the law enforcement profession,” Hurst Assistant Chief Steve Niekamp said. “You just want to be professional, calm and in control of the scene.”