Trending topics: When cops face off with animals

By Police1 Staff

From traffic stops to suspect pursuits, the constant reality of life on the beat is the unpredictability of it all. In this week’s ‘Trending Topics,’ we take a look at five videos that capture what is arguably one of the most difficult situations to predict the outcome of: animal encounters. From the dangerous to the downright comical, take a look at these incidents and add your own experiences below. 

Police pursue horse through streets of Manhattan

NYPD officers pursued the horse through the streets as shocked pedestrians and drivers watched the scene unfold.


Chimp vs. KCPD police car

A 300 lb. chimp kept as a pet escaped and attacked a Kansas City police vehicle before being caught.


Escaped goat charges Okla. police

Goat turned his attention to police, going after them and trying to get inside their patrol cars.

Texas police chase after errant kangaroo

Deputies thought dispatchers were crazy when calls came in from people who said they saw a kangaroo.

Calif. women call police over cat's furry fury

Two women had to get help from police after being trapped in a bedroom by a family cat that a neighbor calls "a ball of fury."



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