Bodycam: LAPD stop knife-wielding man who attacked Metro passengers

The suspect had already stabbed a man before LAPD located him in a parking lot

By Sarah Roebuck

LOS ANGELES — Body-worn camera video from the Los Angeles Police Department shows officers chasing a knife-wielding man through a Metro station, leading to shots fired in a parking lot, KABC reports. 

The officer-involved shooting happened in May after there was a report of a man walking around brandishing a knife in the Vermont/Beverly Metro station. When officers confronted the suspect, he ran away. 

Officers chased the suspect out of the Metro station and into the streets before meeting up with him in a parking lot.  

Multiple officers can be heard telling the suspect to drop the knife. He did not listen to orders and charged at one of the responding officers with a knife, causing officers to shoot the suspect. 

Investigation revealed the suspect hit a woman over the head and stabbed a man in the shoulder.

The suspect, identified as Mason Swenor, 23, is being held on $2.155 million bail.  

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