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List ranks occupations by level of stress, driving home the importance of hiring responders who can remain calm during high-stress situations
The court determines if officers had reasonable suspicion of a traffic violation in this drug interdiction case
There are two constants about being a probation officer: nothing is ever the same and the only expected is the unexpected
“The revolving door in this case is an absolute travesty to our justice system,” PBA President Patrick Hendry said
SuperCom expands its US Footprint in Kentucky with new proprietary technologies
NYPD Officer Edward Byrne was killed by drug dealers while guarding the home of a witness; he was just 22 years old
New legislation eliminates parole for certain violent offenses and creates minimum timed served in several violent crimes
Video from several officers shows the standoff and shooting involving an escaped parolee
The suspect, whose body was later found inside a building by an LAPD robot, had a history of convictions including battery on an officer
“Two people are dead and another injured because this violent recidivist was put back on the street,” said police union
The execution-style killing of Minneapolis police officer Jerry Haaf was one of the most shocking murders in city history
A combination of surveillance and bodycam footage shows the moments leading up to and after two nurses were murdered by Nestor Hernandez in a maternity hospital ward
The gunman’s girlfriend, who had given birth to their child, said he told her “We are both going to die today” and “Whoever comes in this room is going to die with us”
The gunman was on parole for aggravated robbery and had an active ankle monitor
A murder suspect missed two police officers after firing his handgun through their windshield
In a scene similar to the 2017 pursuit that put Detective Dalsh Veve in a wheelchair, Justin Murrell allegedly hit the gas during a traffic stop early Sunday
Police officials who opposed the move says it “sends a troubling message”
A man drove off with the semi-armored Humvee after taking it from an Army Reserve Center earlier this month, police said
Diane Piagentini blamed the decision on a shift toward a more lenient approach to parole in New York
Republicans legislative leaders say the report showed a pattern of willfully ignoring state law and victims’ rights
The former gang member was initially given life in prison but later had his sentence reduced because he was 17 years old at the time
An investigation into the parole decision is still ongoing
An investigation is underway after the Virginia Parole Board granted parole to a man who has served decades of a life sentence for killing an on-duty police officer
The family of Officer Michael Connor and Richmond’s top prosecutor asked the governor to stop the release
Vincent Martin has been paroled despite being sentenced to death for the 1979 killing of Richmond Police Officer Michael Connors
Two incidents, 20 years apart, demonstrate the perils of early release of inmates
“I handed him over on a silver platter. I was walking around trying to get anybody to take the bait. Nobody took the bait”
The inmate was granted parole after serving more than 37 years behind bars for her role as the getaway driver in a robbery that left two LEOs dead
Currently, the union leader said, there are 59 prisoners convicted of murdering NYPD officers appearing regularly before the parole board