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W.Va. police agencies donate cruisers to Ky. PD impacted by flood

The Whitesburg Police Department lost at least seven cruisers due to devastating floods last week


Photo/Michael Clevenger of Courier Journal via AP

By Sarah Calams

WHITESBURG, Ky. — Last week, devastating floods struck Eastern Kentucky, which killed at least 30 people across five counties. Governor Andy Beshear said the death toll may grow as search and rescue teams continue to look for victims impacted by the high-water conditions.

One local police department in Whitesburg lost at least seven cruisers due to the flooding, and now law enforcement agencies in West Virginia are stepping up to donate retired vehicles to colleagues in need, reported.

“People always have their way of showing support whether it be through water, cleaning supplies, vehicles or whatever is needed. Our folks always band together and do the right thing,” Boone County (W.Va.) Sheriff Chad Barker told WCHSTV.

The Hurricane (W.Va.) Police Department also delivered a cruiser to the Whitesburg Police Department over the weekend.

“One day we will be on the other end and hopefully those folks will help us as well,” Barker continued.