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$13,986 was donated to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s initiatives.
The Macon County sheriff praised the deputies involved for their fast reactions when they realized what was happening as the suspect fled the store, accompanied by a child
Officer Bruce Foster was shot from behind by a suspect while pursuing another fleeing suspect; both suspects are now in custody
Dark Horse Coffee Company will donate half the proceeds from “Judd Java” to expand Polk County’s K-9 unit
K-9 Crue has already become popular in town after only one week on the job, Danville Police say
Money raised will help pay for training, food and insurance for ‘Buc,’ as the city’s K-9 program is funded entirely by donations
Keonte Evans is the oldest of six children and takes an active role in helping his single mother with his siblings
Deputy Patrick Neil Holtzclaw tragically lost the love of his life along with his son and daughter, both under 7 years old