Comedian learns why you should never prank cops

Randy Liedtke's iPhone cookie prank backfired on him, and he let the Twitter world know about it

By Police1 Staff

LOS ANGELES — A Los Angeles comedian apparently decided to bake cookies that looked eerily like iPhones to lure cops into pulling him over for talking on what appears to be a phone while driving – but the joke was on him.

Randy Liedtke decided to narrate his publicity stunt/prank via Twitter – pictures and all. His intention, according to his Tumblr page, was to take a bite of his phone-shaped cookie in front of the officer that pulled him over and ask if cookies were against the law.

Wednesday morning his devious plan saw results as he tweeted a picture of a cop car pulled over behind him.

“Says I have a warrant for unpaid parking tickets? Making me go with him,” Liedtke’s next tweet read.

His last tweet on the subject was a snapshot of him holding up what looks like a citation and the words “Wasn't worth it. I'm an idiot... No more iPhone Cookies.”

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