Disabled Texas veteran’s pro-police truck vandalized

A disabled vet and his family say they are the target of anti-cop vandalism

By Police1 Staff

DALLAS — Anti-police vandalism on a military family’s truck has prompted a criminal investigation, FOX 4 reported

A disabled veteran and his family wanted to show support for LEOs and decided to decorate their truck with the saying, “Police Lives Matter.” The Lattin family also decorated their fences with blue ribbons. 

“They need us for support, so that they can feel what they do — putting their lives on the line everyday — is worth it,” veteran Scott Lattin told the news site.

When they woke up and went outside on Tuesday morning, their truck had been damaged, vandalized and tagged with “Black Lives Matter.” 

The vandals caused over $5,000 worth of damage to the family’s only form of transportation and stole objects inside the vehicle.

The hashtag #FYF was prominently displayed on the tailgate of the truck, which Lattin said stands for “(expletive) your flag.” 

Whitney Police Officer Chris Chadwick told FOX 4 police supporters shouldn’t be chastised.

“Because this is where it starts. It starts out as spray paint on a truck, and then it could escalate,” Chadwick told the publication.

The family is using a rental car, but their claim check is not going to cover all of the expenses. 

The family will reportedly decorate their next truck with the same “Police Lives Matter” saying.

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