Have this new year be a renew year

During tough times, it may help you to renew the oath you took when you became a police officer

Times have been tough on all American police officers. Even though you are an honorable officer, dedicated to service, and guilty of no crime other than trying to do the best you can in a difficult profession, that profession has been loudly and unjustly maligned by a vocal minority.

For seasoned officers who long ago answered this sacred calling to American law enforcement, it may help you now to remember the oath you took as a young officer as you proudly raised your right hand. If you choose to do so, consider renewing your commitment to this profession by reading and internalizing the words below. You will find them in substance very similar to the words you spoke with such feeling all those years ago.

By refusing to quit you will defeat those who would have all constitutionally guided American police officers surrender to achieve their questionable goals.

A new year’s renewal of your police officer oath

I swear that to retirement or my life’s last breath I shall honorably serve my community and my country by safeguarding all within my jurisdiction against oppression, violence, disorder, theft and intimidation. I will perform all my duties within the law, mindful of respecting the rights of all to life, liberty, equality and justice.

On duty and off, I will conduct myself in such a manner that brings respect to my agency, my profession and my family, all of whom I represent. I will maintain courageous calm in the face of danger. I will possess the self-restraint to weather every insult, realizing that they are insulting the uniform, which I am proud to wear. This uniform has heard it all, can take it and so shall I.

I will not forget that as one who enforces the law, I must first obey the law and set an example for others to follow every day of my life. That I shall do. I vow to be truthful under oath, even when the speaking of that truth may jeopardize the strength of my case.

I will not allow prejudices, political beliefs, aspirations, animosities, nor friendships color my decisions. I will show no compromise in my relentless pursuit of criminals even though others may be less inclined to do so. During this pursuit, I will not show fear (although I may experience it), favor or possess an overbearing nature. I will treat people with dignity, respect and be courteous in my dealings with the public I serve.

I will only use appropriate levels of force when the unlawful resistance offered, or danger posed by suspects requires I do so. In this and all aspects of my job as a law enforcement officer, I will train constantly and diligently to ensure I am able to properly perform at a level worthy of an American police professional, readily possessing and applying both the knowledge and the skills to be that professional.

I will never sully my profession by accepting a bribe, gratuity, sexual favor or anything of value offered to dissuade me from doing my duty and I shall neither condone nor tolerate these acts by others.

I will wear the badge of an American police officer ever mindful that it identifies me as protector of not just the public’s safety and their property, but also a protector of their freedoms that so many American soldiers, sailors and marines have died for. I vow to police in such a manner that protects and ensures these freedoms.

I hold these ideals to be as dear to me as the breath of life and will always strive to live up to them. This I swear before my God, my flag, my family and my chosen profession, law enforcement.


The honorable path of high principles and ideals is not an easy path to travel, especially during a time when so many in the world seem to choose a much different and easier path. However, if you believe as I do that American law enforcement is a sacred calling, you may also possess the faith that performing this job in such a manner will result in a life of service, well lived that will be greatly rewarded by the “Big Guy Upstairs” and I’m not talking about your chief.

With all this to ponder, please stay safe, stay strong, stay positive!

And for God’s sake and yours, be careful out there.

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