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“How do we expect officers to be good at decision-making if we don’t start it in the academy?”
The “hard truth” in law enforcement is telling what’s true, but difficult to hear with the improvement of a community, agency or individual as a goal
Do you have a leader within your department that’s capable of turning your team into an elite unit? Try looking in the mirror
Let’s discuss a recent incident where an LEO was pulled over for driving nearly double the speed limit in a marked cruiser without lights and siren on
Your nametag, department patch and badge are the most important aspects of your uniforms and represent much more than metal and fabric
Whether you are a rookie or a chief, be a good citizen and take the ticket
“When officers make mistakes in their career, 95% of the time it’s the fault of the department.”
By mining their own data, departments can pinpoint issues, save careers and better serve communities
Understanding the root of our mindset – and how to shift it – is critical to transforming the work of law enforcement and our relationship with the community