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Poem: Humble Hero

An officer is inspired by the relentless work of her fellow LEO to rid the streets of the menace of impaired drivers


“He didn’t stop after one drink or even just two. That was confirmed by the number he blew.”

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Calling all police poets! Police1’s poetry column highlights some of the inspirational, moving and funny poems authored by our readers.

This poem is by Emily Nichols, a detective with the Zachary Police Department in Zachary, Louisiana, where she has served for nearly six years. She was inspired by Police1 columnist Dan Marcou’s poem titled Ode to a Cop about the lone cops who do the lion’s share of DWI enforcement at every agency and her good friend who is “that guy” at her agency.

“My first five years were in uniform patrol where I had the privilege of working alongside Ofc. Chad Hebert. This poem is inspired by him,” writes Emily.

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Humble Hero

Flashing blue lights emit from the shoulder of the bustling highway,
Citizens drive by oblivious to the peril they’ve narrowly escaped.

Their paths mere moments from crossing that of an impaired motorist
The signs, veiled to an untrained eye, thankfully did not go unnoticed.

What was it that captured the dutiful officer’s gaze?
No headlights, swerving, or the driver’s generally reckless ways?

This officer greets the intoxicated driver in his calm, professional manner,
The driver desperately tries to avoid going to the slammer.

“Officer, I’ve only had two drinks!
It’s not nearly as bad as you think!”

“Pft. Sure I can walk in a straight line.
See there, I think I did just fine!”

The driver laughs as he stumbles,
“Can I go now?” he expectantly mumbles.

The unmistakable odor of alcohol carries the driver’s slurred words to the ears of the keen sheepdog.

The officer watches as his eyes bounce,
The signs of inebriation are undeniably pronounced.

Earlier, as the sun in the sky sunk,
This driver entered the bar, having made the fateful decision to get drunk.

He didn’t stop after one drink or even just two,
That was confirmed by the number he blew.

Why didn’t he care?
Why couldn’t he call a ride and leave his car there?

Drink after drink, he thought only of himself,
Meanwhile, the officer patrolled, scanning traffic for tells.

This officer knows the consequences of drunk driving all too well,
He works to spare society from the pain he himself has once felt.

How many innocent lives must be lost?
One life is far too many on this officer’s watch.

As he places the driver under arrest,
The officer can rest knowing that he has done his best.

His unrelenting commitment saves lives daily,
He is the humble hero to those unknowing of the covert threats to their own safety.

Thank you officer for your selfless service.
Thank you for making our safety your purpose.

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