Video: Cop unintentionally shoots man after being hit by deputy’s TASER

The deputy fired a TASER at the suspect but missed, instead striking a Reno police officer in the knee

By Suzie Ziegler 

RENO, Nev. – Body-worn camera footage released by the Reno Police Department Sunday shows the series of events that led up to what police are calling an unintentional officer-involved shooting. 

The July 26 shooting happened when a deputy used a TASER meant for the suspect, but accidentally hit a police officer instead. That officer, who had his gun pointed at the suspect, discharged his firearm once, striking the suspect. 

According to the critical incident video, officers were called to the scene to assist a Washoe County sheriff’s deputy who had pulled over a reportedly reckless driver. That man was being uncooperative and non-compliant, officials said. This prompted the deputy to request help from available law enforcement officers, according to the video. 

Bodycam video shows several law enforcement officers standing in a circle around the suspect. 

“Can you go on your knees, please,” a deputy is heard asking the driver. 

“No,” the man says. 

“Let’s talk about things,” the deputy responds. 

“I’m going to run, I’m sorry,” the man says. 

At that point, a deputy moved around behind the man and deployed his TASER. The deputy missed, striking a Reno police officer in the knee, and the officer fired off one round into the suspect’s shoulder. The man started to walk away but then fell to the ground bleeding. 

A Reno police officer asks, “Who was it?” 

The officer who fired the gun is heard saying, “I think it was me. I got shot with the TASER and I thought… f***.” 

According to the Reno Gazette Journal, the suspect was taken to a hospital and later released. The officer shot by the TASER was also taken to the hospital to have the dart removed. 


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