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Video: DUI driver slams into cruiser with police K-9 still inside

The officer was conducting a traffic stop at the time; neither the police officer nor K-9 Hawk was injured

By Joanna Putman

GURNEE, Ill. — Body camera footage captured the moment when a jeep slammed into a stopped patrol car with a K-9 officer still inside, the Lake and McHenry County Scanner reported.

A Gurnee Police Department officer was conducting a traffic stop on the evening of Nov. 10, according to the report. He was walking back toward his cruiser when he noticed a vehicle was not slowing down as it approached.

The officer quickly moved out of the way of the car as it slammed into the back and side of the cruiser.

“Reacting promptly to the impending threat, the officer distanced himself from the squad car,” Public Information Officer Shawn Gaylor said.

Neither the officer nor K-9 Hawk, who was still in the cruiser, was injured in the collision. After further investigation, the driver of the car was found to be driving under the influence, according to the report.

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