Cop who caught FDNY EMT's killer: 'She's the real hero'

Officer Daniel McDade was presented a plaque for his efforts in capturing Jose Gonzales

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NEW YORK — A police officer was honored Monday by the FDNY for his efforts in capturing the suspect accused of killing EMT Yadira Arroyo. reported that MTA K-9 officer Daniel McDade was presented a plaque inside Station 26 — where Arroyo worked.

"Officer McDade acted bravely just as Yadi did. He stopped a dangerous individual from hurting anyone else," FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said.

McDade was starting an overtime shift and traffic diverted him through the Bronx. He jumped into action to help subdue the suspect.

Jose Gonzales, who has pleaded not guilty, backed up and ran over Arroyo after stealing her ambulance March 16. The 14-year veteran and mother of five sons was killed.

"This is an honor to be here but the true honor and the true heroism goes to Yadi," McDade said. "I'm here today for her, not for me. Every day, I think of Yadi and her family and members of the FDNY. My heart goes out to them. Speaking to all her friends and family, she was an amazing person, it's sad I'll never get to know her."


On Monday, April 17, FDNY members thanked @mtanyctransit Police Officer Daniel McDade, a member of the MTA Police Department’s Special Operations Division K-9 Unit, for his courage and bravery displayed on March 16, when he stepped into action while off-duty, apprehending EMT Yadira Arroyo’s killer before the individual could bring harm to others around him. #FDNY Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro said, “As her killer attempted to flee in the ambulance he violently stole, Officer McDade stopped him. He was off-duty at the time, but as all first responders know, you are never truly off-duty. Officer McDade acted bravely, just as Yadi did. He stopped a dangerous individual from hurting anyone else… He went into action to help others, and to stop a killer, just as he was trained to do.”

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Monique Williams, Arroyo's partner, hugged and thanked McDade.

"On behalf of our family, thank you, a very small phrase compared to the immense gratitude we feel for your courageous act. You're a hero in our heart and in our eyes. Right now, our family is in complete turmoil, the pain is unbearable. Nevertheless, we acknowledge your heroic act and are very grateful that because of you, who chose not to look the other way, this case did not become a cold case file," Ali Acevedo-Hernandez, Arroyo's aunt, said.


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