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Top 5 acts of kindness by police in 2015


By Police1 Staff

From helping with birthday parties to saving lives, police were hard at work in 2015 making a difference through their heroic acts. We’ve selected our top five acts of 2015 that stood out as going beyond the badge. Check out our favorites and add yours below.

5. Ga. cop helps injured marathon runner cross finish line

Photos shared by the department on Facebook have over a thousand shares.

4. Wash. officers step-in for slain deputy’s daughter at her wedding

After Deputy Walter “Kent” Mundell Jr. was killed in the line of duty in 2009, his family in blue stepped up for the biggest moment of his daughter’s life.

3. Ga. trooper comforts 4 siblings who lost their parents on Halloween night

After Trooper First Class Nathan Bradley was tasked with telling four siblings their parents had tragically died on Halloween, he took them out for a special treat and sleepover before breaking the news.

2. Del. police help girl with cancer meet Taylor Swift

When a young girl with cancer was unable to attend concert, police created campaign to grant her wish.

1. Fla. cops save autistic boy’s birthday after no one shows up

Police reached out to a boy and his mother after a post on social media caught the attention of the local community.