Video: Utah cops fall through frozen pond rushing to rescue teens

Officers slid on their stomachs but crashed through the ice while trying to free the young man, video shows

By Maddie Capron
The Charlotte Observer

OGDEN, Utah — Officers sprinted to a frozen pond after two teens plunged through the ice, Utah video shows.

A 17-year-old and 19-year-old plunged through the ice of a frozen pond in Ogden on Wednesday, Feb. 9, the police department said.

Officers ran to the scene to help pull the teens out of the freezing water, body camera footage shows.

“Officers arrived on scene quickly and met one of the males who had been able to get out of the water and discovered the other person was still trapped in the ice,” police said on Facebook.

Two officers slowly walked and slid on their stomachs onto the ice to help the teen who was struggling in the water. Both officers plunged through the ice while trying to help the teen.

As the two officers struggled in the water, deputies from the county sheriff’s office arrived to assist.

Police threw rope to the hole in the ice to help pull the teen and officers out of the water, video shows.

Another officer ran onto the ice and fell into the water while trying to help the teen make it onto a ladder.

“After much effort, officers were able to rescue the victim from the ice,” police said. “None of the officers or persons involved had significant injuries.”

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