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Listen: Miami-Dade Police Department K-9 officer voices her own poem for Police Week

“When we lost one of our officers two years ago, I looked for poems that could comfort the family and officers but couldn’t find any,” K-9 Officer Isabel McDonald said

Writing can be a powerful therapeutic tool, particularly for police officers who often grapple with intense emotions following the loss of a colleague. At the 43rd Annual Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony hosted by the Miami-Dade Police Department, K-9 Officer Isabel McDonald turned to poetry to express feelings of grief and solidarity.

Against the solemn backdrop of a memorial engraved with the names of fallen officers, Officer McDonald shared her poem, which aims to offer perspective and healing, providing a voice to the unspoken pain and resilience within the law enforcement community.

Officer McDonald’s heartfelt verses not only honor the memory of those lost but also underscore the daily courage of those who continue to serve. Her delivery, filled with emotion and strength, offers a poignant reflection on the sacrifices made by officers nationwide.

Read and share K-9 Officer McDonald’s full poem below.

Miami-Dade Police Department K-9 Officer Isabel McDonald conveys a message of resilience and remembrance to the law enforcement community