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Officer Mabry of the Virginia Beach Police Department admires the view after patrolling the oceanfront
“Officer Butterworth’s heroic actions saved the lives of these two people, who possibly would not have survived if it were not for his selfless and immediate actions,” Norristown police said
Once the suspect drove into the bayou, four officers went into the water after the suspect; that’s when they saw the man removing a child from the back seat
The two Tooele Police Department officers shot out the car’s back window and successfully pulled the 12-year-old girl to shore
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The phone alerted officers to the longitude and latitude of the incident
Officers were on scene of a fatal crash when a vehicle didn’t notice the closed road; the driver narrowly missed striking the officers and rolled down an embankment into frigid waters
Officer Kwesi Johnson jumped into the dark water and busted out the driver’s side window to rescue the woman
About three hours later, the sheriff’s office determined the rescue was complete