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Bike cop tired of being ‘doored’ looks to policy change

Since 2012, cars opening doors and hitting cyclists are no longer considered collisions and aren’t counted

By Eric Andrew-Gee

TORONTO, Canada — When Jeff Taylor was hit by a car door while riding his bike in June, his fall was cushioned by a bulletproof vest.

Unlike the force he has served on for more than 20 years, Taylor thinks police should track the crashes. On Aug. 8, he sent a strongly worded email to the Toronto Police Services Board, arguing against the force’s policy.

“I believe these incidents should be tracked,” he wrote. “They are a very serious threat to all cyclists. “I had absolutely no chance to avoid striking the door. The impact was to the right side of my chest. “Had it not been for my ballistic vest, the injuries would have been more severe, or fatal,” he wrote.

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