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DARKMATTER proven to significantly reduce back face deformation in ballistic armor



New Direct Armor Integration solution optimizes DARKMATTER™ technology for Ballistic Armor Manufacturers

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — MONARC Holdings, a global company that develops solutions to protect people, places, and things, introduces Direct Armor Integration from DARKMATTER Sciences. Direct Armor Integration enables leading armor manufacturers to bond DARKMATTER variable composite technology directly to ballistic plates, combining the enhanced protection, multi-hit capability, and comfort of DARKMATTER’s standalone Energy Dispersal Pads with the shot-stopping power of armor – in a thin, light, unified product.

DARKMATTER maximizes protection for warfighters, law enforcement, and first responders by mitigating back face deformation (BFD) and dispersing dangerous kinetic energy transfer from ballistic and blunt force impacts. While today’s armor does a great job of preventing lethal events from occurring, short and long term impact force injuries can now be mitigated. DARKMATTER also optimizes fitment between armor and wearer – independent of gender, size, or body type – further increasing armor system effectiveness and providing the comfort necessary for all-day, everyday use.

“We are impressed with the testing results achieved by combining DARKMATTER with ballistic armor said Scott Stover, Principal at Energetic Solutions. “In thorough testing at our facility, DARKMATTER proved to significantly reduce BFD when compared to standalone armor plates and armor paired with other trauma pad materials. It also did not pulverize during multi-hit impacts like traditional rate dependent or EPE foams currently used in the industry.”

“DARKMATTER’s new Direct Armor Integration solution greatly enhances the protection of those who protect us all on a daily basis,” said Joseph Cufari, CEO of MONARC Holdings, parent company of DARKMATTER. “The bonding of DARKMATTER technology directly to ballistic armor will result in fewer follow-on injuries and help enable the development of the next generation of ballistic protection that our warfighters, law enforcement, and first responders require.”

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