Trending Topics: When cops respond to water disasters

By Police1 Staff

The recent floods in Texas and Oklahoma underscore the danger cops face when responding to natural disasters involving water. For this week’s Trending Topics, we take a look at five stories that reinforce how quickly these incidents can take a turn for the worse.

Texas cop trapped in floodwaters rescued by copter

After attempts to rescue the officer via hovercraft and firetruck failed, a police helicopter was called in.


Texas cops rescue officer from floodwaters

Officer was putting up barricades when he saw a woman plunge into the water. He dived in to rescue her, but was swept away.


Body of Texas sheriff's deputy found in lake

Patrol car was found swamped by floodwaters.

Cop swept away by wave

A driver captured the moment an officer was swept away by a massive wave in the Channel Islands in Western Europe.

NYPD use helicopter to rescue rooftop victims from hurricane

Six were rescued after being trapped on roofs from rising waters.



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