SHOT Show 2014: High-tech bullet improves hit probability

By Police1 Staff

Advanced Ballistics Concepts, LLC (ABC), a ballistics research and development company, unveiled the first-ever multi-part bullet this week at SHOT Show.

The Multiple Impact Technology (Mi3) bullet unlocks and expands to a predetermined diameter and pattern of spread upon leaving the tip of a rifled barrel, dramatically increasing the chances for the shooter to hit his target in ultra-close and mid-range engagements.

Like a multi-pellet buckshot, the Mi3 bullets deliver multiple strike points, but it expands up to 4 times faster than buckshot.  The bullet design allows each segment to have a greater mass which results in greater stopping power.

Three separate segments of the bullet are interconnected with Kevlar strings that expand to produce a “spider-web-like” effect prior to impact.

“According to national law enforcement statistics, more than 90% of shots fired in life and death situations miss their mark,” said Todd Kuchman, Co-Founder and President of ABC. “Our research shows that these missed shots are the result of ‘last second twitch’ which occurs to some extent whenever a gun is fired, particularly in highly stressful situations. Because every Mi3 bullet offers a wide shot profile, it compensates for marksman's error which significantly increases hit probability.” 

Mi3 bullets are available in non-lethal, semi-lethal, and fully-lethal variants, and are backwards-compatible. 

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