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Vigilant Solutions’ research finds overwhelming support for license plate recognition technology among law enforcement to generate leads and more quickly close cases

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LIVERMORE, Calif. Vigilant Solutions – an AI and data analytics company that provides technology to law enforcement – today announced research results on the use of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology by law enforcement. The research found overwhelming support for LPR technology among law enforcement for generating leads and more quickly closing cases. At the same time, the research evidenced caution among law enforcement for the growing rush for legislation to limit the use of LPR, with 90 percent of respondents stating that legislation prohibiting or limiting the collection and sharing of LPR data makes it harder for them to investigate and solve serious crimes.

Additional research highlights include:

  • 80 percent of respondents indicated that LPR data had assisted in providing leads and closing cases for a wide variety of crimes.
  • Respondents reported more than 15 different crimes where LPR data had assisted in their investigations, including stolen vehicle (76 percent), murder (43 percent), child abduction (28 percent), rape (23 percent) and terrorism (12 percent).
  • Respondents revealed a wide variety of consequences for law enforcement officers who violate their agency’s policy regarding DMV record access to determine the registered owner’s personal information, with more than half citing termination (64 percent) or formal reprimand (58 percent).

“This research is concrete evidence of what we at Vigilant Solutions have known for a long time: that LPR data is vital to helping law enforcement agencies to investigate, solve and reduce crime,” said Shawn Smith, Founder and President of Vigilant Solutions. “We are honored to support the law enforcement community with LPR technology and other machine vision solutions that help keep law enforcement safe and protect communities.”

From April to June 2018, Vigilant Solutions surveyed existing customers to learn about how respondents have previously and/or currently use LPR. We also employed a third-party service, where we remained anonymous, to receive an unbiased view. The survey targeted sworn U.S. law enforcement and secured a total of 517 responses.

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