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Mark43 CAD provides reliable, modern tech that is disrupting the market

Cloud-native CAD systems provide PSAPs, ECCs, and first responders with cutting-edge innovation

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Innovation, resiliency, security, interoperability, accessibility and value are the six core pillars of Mark43’s modern technology stack.


By Police1 Staff

Speed, reliability, access to accurate data, and ease of use are four prominent challenges facing PSAPs, ECCs and first responders. Agencies are asked to do more with less, while the fast-paced environment of emergency communications continues to pressure agencies and the communities they serve.

The “work smart, not hard” framework only works when the appropriate technology is in place to act as a force multiplier. Agencies need to look to adopt modern technology that configures, evolves, and aligns to increasing workloads and shifting demands. No two agencies have identical workflows, so it’s important that the technology matches the needs.

A primary and backup mobile CAD that only requires an internet connection

Innovation, resiliency, security, interoperability, accessibility, and value are the six core pillars of Mark43’s modern technology stack. To continue to address public safety needs, Mark43 provides two core CAD offerings: primary and alternate (backup) to another primary CAD. Mark43 OnScene is an extension of these CAD offerings by equipping first responders with the powerful context and situational awareness of a traditional mobile-data terminal (MDT) on their mobile devices, untethered to their vehicle. Mark43 CAD offerings provide the velocity required to constantly adapt and allow agencies to remain constantly connected amidst any manmade or natural disaster.

Mark43 CAD and OnScene are equipped with the most modern, intuitive user interfaces on the market. Users are able to pinpoint exact locations, leverage enhanced mapping functionality with best-in-class partnerships like Esri and RapidSOS, and easily display and receive data across all devices.

A recent survey revealed that a near-total majority (93%) of first responders rely on their mobile device for emergency dispatch software, capturing evidence and connecting with the community. As agencies continue to experience declines in staffing, it’s vital that they are on top of modern technology trends that allow first responders to remain safe and constantly connected.

The Nashville experience

One such use of the Mark43 Alternate CAD is Nashville Metro 911. Tennessee has seen extreme flooding, one of the worst tornado outbreaks to hit the United States, a cyber-attack disabling a 911 center and a Christmas Day bombing. Stephen Martini, Nashville’s Emergency Communications Director and Second Vice President of APCO International identified that any one of these situations “could warrant the deployment of a tactical incident dispatch team equipped with a cloud-based CAD solution capable of tracking incidents and restoring efficiencies in processing requests for public safety response until daily operations and systems are restored.”

In addition to using the Mark43 Alternate CAD as a backup, it is also employed and deployed as Metro 911’s mobile, tactical CAD used by the agency’s Field Incident Response Support Team (FIRST) to conduct tactical incident dispatch duties in an off-site environment. This demonstrates the additional functionality of an alternate CAD.

Advanced security, unmatched accessibility

Mark43 has the most advanced security posture available for public safety. Using modern, cloud-native architecture ensures that data is protected using the latest in cybersecurity technology and best practices. Mark43 employs the AWS GovCloud, designed to address specific regulatory and compliance requirements of U.S. government agencies at the federal, state and local levels. Beyond the assurance programs applicable to all AWS Regions, the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions allow customers to adhere to U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), and Department of Defense (DoD) Cloud Computing Security Requirements. In addition, Mark43 expects full FedRAMP High and StateRAMP authorization in 2023.

As a result of using GovCloud, Mark43 enjoys unmatched accessibility, which also allows it to minimize downtime during any disruption by continuously backing up data across multiple geographically dispersed availability zones. AWS GovCloud provides agencies with the best-in-class resiliency available. Regardless of whether manmade or natural disasters hit a particular part of the country, data and access to the Mark43 will be intact.

Mark43’s technology is only part of the support you receive when you are a customer. The user-friendly, cloud-native technology ensures any installation is up and running in a matter of weeks. With dedicated customer support, change management, and product specialists, Mark43 provides 24/7 steadfast assistance to address customer needs and uses customer feedback to drive future product enhancements.

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