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Chief Jason Potts on using technology to combat gun crime

“It is not just about having data, but what you do with that data. It is about sharing that data.”

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In this episode of the Policing Matters podcast, host Jim Dudley speaks with Jason Potts, who recently served on the Violent Crime Working Group with the Council of Criminal Justice, about using smart technology to address violent crime.

Potts is Chief of the City of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety. Previously he was a captain with the Vallejo Police Department, where he led the Department’s Operations, Investigation’s Bureau and Emergency Services Unit Commander. He serves on the board of directors for the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing (ASEBP) and is a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) LEADS alumni.

Top quotes from this episode

“Evidence-based policing is informing your decisions based on the best available science, data and research. It is really critical that we do that.”

“It is not just about having data, but what you do with that data. It is about sharing that data.”

“Clearance rates are so critical to how we combat gun violence, because if you increase your clearance rates you now have these bona fide shooters that are now incapacitated and in jail than out on the streets.”

“We need to be harm-focused, thinking about our disparate outcomes; intelligence-led, looking at the hot people; and problem-oriented, looking at the underlying causes of crime.”

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Chief Jason Potts

About our guest
Jason Potts was sworn in on July 11, 2022, as the sixth chief for the city of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety, providing the public with law enforcement and detention services. The department manages the city jail and includes the deputy city marshals (who provide public safety at city parks, trails, our tourist corridor and city facilities), as well as animal protection services.

Potts has more than 24 years of law enforcement experience. He began his policing career with the Vallejo Police Department in Northern California, where he moved up the ranks to captain, leading the Operations Bureau, Investigations Bureau and Emergency Services Unit. During his career at the Vallejo Police Department, Potts worked in various capacities, including patrol, crime suppression, investigations, SWAT, field training, internal affairs, the FBI’s Solano County Violent Gang Task Force, and the Oakland Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force. He also is a military reserve special agent with the Coast Guard Investigative Service. Potts earned a master’s degree in Criminology, Law, and Society from the University of California, Irvine. He has a bachelor’s degree in Management from St. Mary’s College in California. He holds a certificate of completion from the Police Executive Research Forum, Senior Management Institute of Police. He is a graduate of the California Peace Officers Standards and Training Command College, Executive Development Course, and is a National Institute of Justice Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science Program alumni with the U.S. Department of Justice. An advocate for evidence-based policing, Potts serves on the Executive Board for the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing, is a member of the Council on Criminal Justice (violent crime working group), and is a National Policing Institute fellow. He has been a strong proponent of officer safety and wellness, data-driven patrol deployments, community engagement, practitioner-led research, innovative practices and technology. In June 2019, he was recognized nationally at George Mason University (Evidence-based Policing Hall of Fame) for his collective efforts in advocating and implementing evidence-based policing – both nationally and in his department.

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